Stuff to Know

Slow down! There is no test. These are just a few of the things I think you should know either before you read any of my posts or to feel more confident about going into a brewery or beer bar.

ABV – alcohol by volume. The higher the percent, the more likely you are to fall off those stylish wedges.

IBU – International Bittering Units. Every beer has an IBU number. The lower the number, the less bitter the beer. For example a Blonde ale may only have an IBU of 17, while a double IPA may have one of 110.

Hops – a vining flower that is used to flavor beer. There are over 100 varieties of hops. The flavors that arise out of the varying types of hops can be citrus like, earthy, floral, dry, and bitter among others.

Lager – typically thought of as a beer with light a crisp flavors, normally served at colder temps.

Ale – this is the largest category of beer and has the most varying flavor profile. Many types of beer fall under the ale category; pale ales, IPA, stouts, porters and wheats. These beers tend to be served a little warmer (relax, just a little) which highlights the flavor of the beer.

IPA – named because of preparation historical thought to preserve the pale for its journey to India from England, this beer tends to be moderate to high on the IBU scale and can have a wide ranging flavor profile. You can find session IPAs which are lower in ABV and Doubles and Triples which are higher.

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