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Beer is the Reason God Made Oklahoma

Oooooooklahoma! Where the beer goes sweeping cross the plain. Okay, you got me. That is not how the song goes, but maybe it should be. I know that when you think about great beer cities to visit, nowhere in Oklahoma makes the list. All I’m saying is don’t count Oklahoma Breweries out. On a recent trip out west I ventured around to find the best brew in Oklahoma. I was not disappointed.

Do ya feel me Tulsa?

First of all… There are a ton of nice people out here. Tell them you tulsapicwrite a beer blog, they are so interested in “why here”? My answer, Prairie Artisan Ales. We can occasionally get some brew from them in Ohio, but we hardly get the really cool stuff. I mean these people make beer for beer people! This brother duo has been producing top of the line beer since 2012. I was lucky enough to visiting Oklahoma breweries during the release of Rugby, a 5.4% ABV American pale ale. Oh, it’s good. It may be the perfect pale ale. My personal qualifications of a pale ale is that it is not overtly hoppy and that it has a light and refreshing taste with little aftertaste. Rugby is all of those things. Perfect for a 101 degree day (yeah, it was that hot). On a trip to the liquor store (because in Oklahoma they only sell 3.2% beer at stores and gas stations. You have to get the good stuff at the booze house) I found Prairie Artisan Bomb! Appropriately named, this was a 9% stout made with coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and chili peppers. So that may sound like over kill, but I promise it isn’t. All the flavors stand out and yet blend very well together. There isn’t a lot of heat, just enough to make it interesting and highlights the creaminess of the chocolate and vanilla.

Another great find in Tulsa is James E. Mc Nellie’s Public House. This is a great spot for a bite to eat. They boast 350 beers and counting, and a large selection of them are local. The ambiance is that of your typical Irish themed pub, but there is something special about this place so don’t overlook it if you are in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. The service was great, my turkey burger… delish, and I enjoyed a pint of Marshal Atlas! P.s. Their beer prices were amazing. Taxi!!!

I enjoyed my time in Oklahoma. The people, the scenery, and the beer were all top notch. I was leery to go on this little adventure, I wondered what kind of scene I would find out there. Well, you can find some fantastic brew all over this wonderful country. Tulsa is no exception.

So where should I go next? If you have a favorite beer destination and would like me to visit, drop me an email! [email protected]