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Tara Gillum, a graduate of Ohio University, started bartending as a way to make ends meet in college. Her passion for the hospitality industry grew and lead her to multiple opportunities such as tending bars on cruise lines and consulting in the beverage departments of hotel chains.  Always thirsty for knowledge, she personally drove herself to stay up on trends and continuing her education in mixology.

At the age of 32, with support of her family and friends, Tara Gillum opened her own craft beer and cocktail bar. Her bar, Steiner’s Speakeasy, is located in the small town of Chillicothe, OH. Because of Tara’s dedication to opening the eyes of her patrons to the wide variety of brews available, Steiner’s Speakeasy quickly took off. Furthermore, she is also a huge supporter of “everything local” including beer, spirits, music and much more.

When she’s not busy behind the bar, Tara works with multiple charities throughout the year.  From the USO of Central and Southern Ohio to the local women’s shelter, she works hard to get the people of her community involved.  “If everyone did a little, it would help a lot” she says.  You can also find her speaking at women’s empowerment marches and standing up against violence towards women.




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